Sunday, June 1, 2008

The 50th Anniversary Celebration

At last, the long anticipated day has arrived. Its the day of the big celebration.

Everyone woke up very early, its a Saturday, and the date is 31st May 2008. Right after breakfast, the organizers went to Sea View Restaurant to begin preparing for the evening bash. Its also final rehearsals for the performers, dancers, singers, and the multimedia presentations. The organizers were a bit uptight and excited because they wanted to see that everything go smoothly, and ironed out any for-seeable bugs to ensure a perfect show.

By lunch time, all that were to be set up were in placed - the AV equipments, props, and lightings. Next thing on the agenda of the day was at four thirty in the afternoon at the Chung Hua School where all the family members were to gather for a group photography sessions. Needless to say, everyone put on their best dress. From the youngsters to the elders, everyone looked pretty and handsome, and they truly were.

The photo session took slightly more than an hour, and from there it was straight to the celebration venue. The organizers got busy again checking and re-checking until seven in the evening for that's when the guests were expected to start streaming in, all four hundred of them!

Right on time, and say what you like about Malaysian timing, the first batch of guests popped up just before seven. Each guest that came were greeted by two rows of greeters, and a loud fanfare. Each guest was also given a door-gift as a way of saying thank you for coming. By seven thirty some three hundred and more have arrived and seated... and...the show began as scheduled at seven thirty sharp.

With a very loud fanfare, the golden couples were ushered in by about fifty youngsters of the Chua family and they walked in two rows leading to the stage where the MC then announced the welcome to everyone present, and presented the Golden Couples. The crowd cheered, clapped and whistled and the evening from then on was... an evening to remember.

Right after that, the specially created video was played, the buffet dinner followed immediately after. All the shows arranged for the evening were presented one after another with precise timing without any glitches whatsoever, and that said a lot for the organizers who worked hard on this very special event, and all the planning and great effort paid off.

The highlight of the evening was the champagne pouring and cake cutting event at 9.00 P.M. by the Golden Couples. All the siblings went up on stage to congratulate their parents. Hugs and kisses were poured on them, and they even sang their congratulations to the tune of the ever popular 'Birthday Song'

What followed immediately after that session, was that pure wonderful fun of letting-your-hair-down all night dancing. Believe me, everyone...yes...everyone that could walk danced that night (including me). Cha-cha-cha, disco, name it, was being danced, and it didn't matter whether one knew the steps...they just danced...and that they did...they danced the night away.

By mid-night, and as everything must end...sad to say...the party ended. What a wonderful party, and a special one at that. This is one heck of a party which could not ever happen again. There could only be one single 50th Wedding Anniversary party for any couple on this planet. This wonderful loving couple had theirs. For the rest of the family, it doesn't matter individually whether they'd be able to have their very own 50th anniversary bash. What mattered was that their loving parents had it, and that they were all fortunate enough to witness and celebrate it.

For me...I'm just thankful to be there and a part of it, and I felt as if it was mine.

Oh...what a night...

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Celebration

The anniversary celebration will take place in one of the famous sea-food restaurant in P.D. at the end of May. Meantime, all the siblings are busy organizing and preparing for the big bash. It's going to be a grand celebration, with singing and dancing performances by in-grown talents within the family itself. There will also be a video presentation to mark the occasion.

The above clip is a sample, or rather the intro to the full video, which we hope to feature on this page, but only after the event. The above clip is a sneak peek, so to speak.

So...friends, families and relatives, do post your well wishes, or congratulatory message to this wonderful Grand Couple on this joyous occasion ...don't be shy ;)
Click on the 'comments' button below to type your message.

We promise, that your messages will be read out on that Celebration nite!!

TQ & Cheers :D

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Wedding Anniversary

This blog is to commemorate the 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. Chua Keng Hong and Mdm Lee Guat Teng. They were joined together in marriage in 1958 in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. They are blessed with seven children and twenty three grandchildren.

A golden anniversary is in itself an outstanding achievement. Imagine, they've been going round the Sun fifty times! For a man and woman to stay together through thick and thin for fifty years building a family, and raising children is undoubtedly a great feat. Its one of the greatest human endurance, and achievements.

Unfortunately, not every married couple would be able to celebrate a golden anniversary, not simply because of a sad separation of a divorce, but due to something which is inevitable, and beyond the human control - the 'untimely' demise of one, or the other.

For the younger generations, a golden anniversary has many lessons to be learned from.

I'm honored to be a part of this great and wonderful family, and to witness this exciting celebration, and definitely look forward to be in Port Dickson on 31st May 2008.

My heartiest congratulations to both my loving in-laws - Acik and Acim.

May the God bless you both, and for many more anniversaries to come.